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Forum Rules

Post by Vinius on Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:48 pm

1. Treat other members with respect.
  • -Do not start arguments in chat or on the chat box. If you have a problem with another member, private message them and work it out, or alert a staff member.
    -Do not use any derogatory, or hurtful names to refer to other members.
    -Every kind of person is welcome here, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, etc. etc.

2. Some curse words are allowed. Others are inappropriate, and not to be used anywhere on the site. For a list of words that can be used and their level of frequency, as well as those that cannot be used click >>here.<<

3. We strive for literacy and writing improvement here. At minimum, each role play post should be four sentences.

4. No advertising of other sites. The only exception is if somebody asks you for a forum's link, which you may PM them.

5. No spamming.
  • -In the chatbox, this means no posting incoherent lettering for more than two posts. (incoherent, i.e. alkjsdkajdjdgd)
    -In the chatbox, this also means no posting the same phrase/sentences/words more than three posts.
    -In the forums, this means no double posting, with the exception of your thread in the media center.

6. Do not provide personal information such as your last name, home phone number, or address. You also are not required to provide any personal information that you do not feel comfortable in giving. If somebody asks, and you don't wish to share, simply tell them no.

7. No sexual or graphic content above the standard PG-13 rating. If your role play contains self-harm, murder, or other triggering situations, please put a warning at the top of the post! That being said, posts are not to contain any form of sex whatsoever, even in the form of flashbacks. That's a big no and will result in the deletion of your thread and a warning.

8. Do not use anybody else's character but your own. This does not include characters bought from other members.
  • -Plagiarism of existing characters from other television shows, movies, or stories will not be tolerated.

9. To report someone, you need one of these things:
  • -A screenshot of their offense
    -A chatlog of their offense + two witnesses
    -One moderator or Admin witness

10. To role play on the forums, you must have a character. When creating a character, use the provided template.
  • -We don't mind if you add more to the template or pretty it up with coding and pictures. Just be sure that all of the required fields are included.

11. Should you insult any member off the site, and we find out about it, you will be punished here as if you insulted them here. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated.

Punishment System
First offense = warning
Second offense = warning
Third offense = Chatbox ban for 1 day
Fourth offense = Chatbox ban for 1 week
Fifth offense = Permanent Chatbox ban
Sixth offense = Permanent ban from the forum

**REMEMBER** All rules are subject to change at any moment. It is recommended that every few months you come back and take a look at the rules again to ensure that you are up to date.

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