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Post by Slender on Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:27 pm

Hello everyone on this site of demigods and monsters, yes you can never forget the monsters! Slender and I have decided to make a plot and RP topic, so you tasty morsels can ask me to RP with you without having to.....eat you. Now, here are the requirements....

•200 Words minimum, no exceptions or you lose a limb, or perhaps more.

•No power playing without permission.

•Feel free to offer ideas, and advice. But don't overdo it, or else!

•Patience, you'll need it because sometimes I may take a few days to reply. Ok?

Now, here are the characters I have created and their plots...


Jane Arkensaw, as she was formerly known before her ex boyfriend turned her insane, is in need of some....people she can 'know' The list is below if you have someone willing to fill such dangerous positions:

•Boyfriend/Boy-toy: Slender requests that Jane has a...secret admirer if you will. One who finds her demonic looks attractive, and wishes to get to know her. However, I must warn that she will be abusive for a while, before she starts to show any real emotions.

•Arch enemy/Hunter: Jane needs someone who hates her, no matter what she says or does she is hated by this person. This person also wants to hunt her down and kill her, for the sake of the camp and humanity. Slender suggests a Ares child, or someone brutal.

•Best friend: Taken by Sapphires character, Taylor.

•Prey: Jane needs prey, and well, expect to be haunted by a demon straight from hell if you sign up here!


Henrietta Jones, a seventeen year old archeologist from England. Several spots are available for this characters friends and enemies, listed below.

•Crush/Admirer/Romantic Partner (both genders welcome): Henrietta needs one, or several romantic pursuits, I plan to have lots of romantic related drama with this character as she has not actively dated before outside a kiss or two.

•Arch rival: Henrietta wants an enemy, someone who can go toe to toe with her, and they annoy and compete with each other, though they respect each other. Same gender is a must, though age can be from 16-19.

•Best friend: A best friend is requested, girl or boy it doesn't matter. Around the same age is preferred, and someone not from her host country but perhaps someone she has met before.


This character is WIP.


Completed, all positions available. Will specify soon


This character is WIP

Any plot ideas are excepted to be looked over, please post them and I will reply within a week hopefully.

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