so what if I don't have a lot to talk about? [private]

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so what if I don't have a lot to talk about? [private]

Post by Sapphire on Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:12 am

Clouds swirled around the skies, stopping the sun from beating down on Kael's back as he leaned on the wooden fences. It was one of those days that weren't too hot yet aren't too windy - a perfect time for anyone to go on a leisurely stroll. And dates, Kael added as an afterthought when he spied a boy and a girl racing their horses towards the trail. Rolling his eyes at the lovey-dovey looks they exchanged, Kael shifted his gaze back to the grazing horses. A few lifted their big heads to glance at him but not seeing him as a threat, they just as quickly returned to the grass. Kael stayed there for a while, just watching them. Once you got over the smell (which, for Kael, was quite a feat), horses really weren't half-bad. They minded their own business. Kael liked that about them. Plus, they were peaceful creatures.

But then, he had to remember that he now lived in a camp full of rowdy kids that played with swords and other sharp things. Peace was most definitely not an option. Especially when a very young boy thought it funny to throw rocks at the horses. Kael straightened up as he watched the boy laugh, every one of his throws ricocheting off the horse's coat. The horses weren't pleased with this, to say the least. They reared up, neighing and whinnying, and finally the smug look on the kid's face wore off. Kael backed away from the fence with his lips mashed into a thin line. This was not good at all.

He ran for cover as the horses, once peaceful creatures, went into a stampede. Clattering hooves filled the air as the horses bumped and kicked, galloping in different directions. Nothing was seen but a whirl of palominos and roans rearing in challenge, greys and chestnuts jumping over the fence and into the distance, wandering off to who-knows-where. Not a pleasant sight for a puny human.

Kael pressed his back against the stable walls, his chest heaving with every shallow breath. As he clamped his hands over his ears to muffle the noises, he saw the troublesome boy stagger towards his line of sight. The dazed look on his face melted off into a mischief as he met Kael's gaze. Without as much as a warning, he dropped the remaining rocks he had in his grip on the ground in front of Kael and launched into a run, all the while screaming, "Help! There's a crazy kid setting the horses off!"

Stunned, Kael looked down on the rocks scattered around his feet. Now he was being framed, and big mighty horses were stampeding a few yards away. You little wuss...
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Re: so what if I don't have a lot to talk about? [private]

Post by MLsweetart on Sun Jun 02, 2013 12:29 pm

Adelaide Penelope Harris
Daughter of Nemesis

Adelaide looks around her at the hustle and bustle of the camp. It's always so busy here. Everyone is constantly running around, doing their duties, and going to classes. She too, of course is very busy. Sometimes its nice to sit down and take a break. That is why, on this nice day, she is headed towards the stables. No, she is not going to ride horses. She has found a perfect hiding spot along one of the trails, perfect for reading.

Smiling she reaches the stables. Turning down the path, she walks a few steps, before turning and heading off the trail. Sitting down on a giant rock, Adelaide smiles. Opening her book, she starts to read it. For a while, she reads her book undisturbed. The sound of shouting brings her out of her world.

Looking up, Adelaide notices the stampede of horses running loose. What idiot let the horses go? Surely, no one can be that stupid. It must have been on purpose. Sighing, she closes her book and tucks it under arm. Standing up, Addie steps on to the path. She walks towards the stables, careful to avoid the horses.

Reaching the stables, Addie looks around. That is when she notices the boy, pressed against the stable wall. Her eyes narrowing, she stares at the boy. Her gaze, turning into a glare. She walks towards him, and stops a few feet away. Folding her arms across her chest, and continues to glare. "Are you the one who did this?"she asks the boy. If he did, he has to be the biggest idiot she has ever met. If not, there is an idiot on the loose.

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